UAE Signs Integrated Work Plan with the IAEA

On 5 June 2013, the United Arab Emirates signed an Integrated Work Plan (IWP) with the IAEA.
The signing of this Plan by Ambassador Hamad Alkaabi, UAE Permanent Representative to the IAEA, and Dr. Ali Boussaha, Director for the Asia and the Pacific Division of the IAEA Technical Cooperation Department at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna, Austria, finalized an extensive work plan developed by all departments of the IAEA.

The IWP presents a comprehensive framework that ensures IAEA continues support to the UAE’s national nuclear power programme.
“The Integrated Work Plan is an important document which sets the framework of the UAE’s work with all departments of the Agency to the advancement of its national nuclear power programme in the next five years" said Ambassador Hamad Alkaabi.
"The IWP defines an integrated framework for IAEA assistance to national nuclear power development activities, tailored to UAE needs and reflecting national plans as well as recommendations from IAEA" he added.
The UAE-IAEA Integrated Work Plan covers the period of 2013 to 2017, which is the projected date of operation of the first nuclear power reactor. The IWP provides a framework to coordinate the IAEA work with all stakeholders and role-players of the UAE nuclear power programme towards a development of the required nuclear power infrastructure, in cooperation with all departments of the IAEA.
The IWP highlights the scope of the IAEA assistance to the UAE in the field of nuclear power, focusing on: national nuclear capability, nuclear power infrastructure, radiation safety and environment protection, emergency response, and radioactive waste management. Its objective is to define in an integrated and comprehensive manner, all needs of the UAE nuclear power programme and the IAEA’s assistance to such requirements.
Its implementation is in full harmony with recommendations from both INIR and IRRS missions previously conducted in the UAE.
The comprehensive plan outlines detailed activities to be accomplished up until the operation of the nuclear power plant. This pertains to the 19 infrastructure issues of the IAEA ‘Milestones’ approach, and is essential for the success of any nuclear power programme.
The signing of the UAE IWP comes as an additional step towards harmonizing the previously concluded Country Profile Framework (CPF) document, and enforcing the mutual cooperation between the UAE and IAEA, to ensure successful progress and completion of the UAE programme.
More information on UAE–IAEA Technical Cooperation is available on the Mission’s website: