Workshop on NORM management and responsibilities for national stakeholders

In the framework of the UAE’s national projects on Technical Cooperation with the IAEA, the workshop for stakeholders to develop a common understanding in NORM management and responsibilities took place in Abu Dhabi, UAE, from 27 to 29 May 2013.

The workshop aimed at providing learning opportunities for UAE stakeholders, particularly in the oil and gas industry, and for NORM residue management operators, radiation and environment regulators.
Another benefit was for government industries (or government entities)to obtain a common understanding on the roles and responsibilities toward management of NORM in the oil and gas industries in the UAE. This also responds to the requirements of international safety standards for developing good practices in the regulation and management of NORM residues in the UAE.
The workshop has introduced the subject of exposure to NORM in oil and gas extractions. It addressed the safety requirements for controlling occupational exposures in oil and gas production facilities; best-practice techniques for management of NORM-contaminated equipment and materials; safety requirements for re-use of equipment and materials; and issues affecting the disposal of NORM wastes.
The workshop included case-studies of successful NORM management in oil and gas industries in other parts of the world.