UAE Delegation Presents its Nuclear Power Programme Progress at the US Industry Event

On 17 September, the UAE delegation met with the U.S. Industry Delegation to the IAEA 57th General Conference to speak about the country's progress on nuclear energy programme.

Organized in the framework of the U.S. Industry Program at the IAEA‟s annual conference, the Industry Forum included a number of U.S. companies, providing an excellent opportunity for the UAE delegation to dialog and share ideas with industry leaders, scientists, nuclear technology innovators that can aspire new partnerships for the country's peaceful nuclear energy programme.
As a guest speaker of the Forum, H.E. Ambassador Hamad Alkaabi briefed the U.S. industry delegation with current developments in the UAE nuclear energy programme in terms of regulatory, technology, policy standards, and also about the already established US-UAE partnerships in framework of the country's peaceful programme.
To introduce the U.S. industry delegation with the milestones accomplished on the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant project, the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation's Representative Reem Al Hashimi discussed with participants the technology decisions made for the UAE‟s first nuclear power plants and the status of the construction of Unit 1 and Unit 2 of Barakah Nuclear Power Plant.
Followed by Q&A session, the interactive discussion highlighted the strong interest and existing partnership between US industry sector and UAE nuclear energy programme.The Forum provided a useful framework for both parties to exchange views, and share common values on the industry from both perspectives of the „nuclear power country‟ and a „newcomer‟.