UAE Ambassador delivers a national statement during the IAEA 57th General Conference

The United Arab Emirates highlighted the progress of the UAE nuclear energy program made and its commitments to nuclear safety and security in developing its national peaceful nuclear energy programme, in the national statement to the IAEA 57th regular session of General Conference taking place in Vienna, Austria, this week.

Moreover, Ambassador Hamad Alkaabi, the UAE's Permanent Representative, in the national statement before the 57th General Conference yesterday, reiterated UAE's commitment to working with the Agency towards enhancing nuclear safety in the aftermath of Fukushima Daiichi accident, and the implementation of the IAEA nuclear safety plan, to which the UAE is fully committed. A commitment that is been reflected by the UAE efforts to adopt current and future lessons learned from Fukushima, in the undertakings of the UAE's national program, as part of its commitment to the highest standards of nuclear safety.
“UAE recognizes the importance of establishing a nuclear liability regime that complies with the major international instruments governing the area of nuclear liability. In October 2012, the UAE issued a Federal Law No.4 of 2012 Concerning Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage, as a result of continued work in establishing an adequate legal framework for its nuclear liability regime,” stressed Ambassador Alkaabi in his statement.