Third reactor vessel installed at UAE’s nuclear power site

Another safe and on-time milestone reached at the UAE’s first nuclear energy plant. The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) has announced the completion of yet another milestone in the development of the country’s first nuclear energy plant, with the successful installation of its Unit 3 Reactor Vessel (RV) at Barakah, on 22 July 2016.
The installation is a critical step in the continued progress and delivery of the country’s third nuclear energy unit and follows the successful installation of the Barakah Unit 2 RV in 2015 and the Unit 1 RV in 2014. The reactor vessel is one of the most important features and largest components in a nuclear energy plant.

Weighing over 400 tonnes and measuring almost 15 metres in height, the RV will eventually contain the controlled nuclear reaction that will generate the safe, clean and reliable nuclear energy that will feed into the UAE grid. Currently, all four nuclear reactors are under construction at Barakah, Western Region of Abu Dhabi.