UAE Supports the IAEA’s Country Nuclear Power Profiles project

From 10-13 May, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) held an annual Technical Meeting on Country Nuclear Power Profiles at its headquarters in Vienna, Austria.
The meeting was attended by the UAE Permanent Mission to the IAEA, alongside Liaison officers and contributors to the IAEA’s Country Nuclear Power Programme (CNPP) publication from other Member States. The meeting discussed the implementation of the CNPP project and its further development.

During the course of the meeting, the UAE presented its nuclear power programme and provided its expertise within Working Groups that deliberated on improvements of the CNPP project.
UAE participation in this process falls in line with its Nuclear Policy commitment to operational transparency, and aims at supporting the Agency’s efforts to centralize information on the nuclear power status in participating countries.

The CNPP online-based publication serves as a comprehensive database comprised of background information on the status and development of nuclear power programmes in IAEA Member States.
Development of a nuclear power programme is a complex task, which requires significant time and resources. In 2012, the United Arab Emirates became the first ‘newcomer’ country to start the construction of its first nuclear power plant in 27 years. Today, with four reactors under construction, the UAE’s programme moves rapidly towards the commissioning of its first reactor next year.  
The UAE supports the CNPP publication through sharing its experience and updates on the progress made in the development of its nuclear power programme. Today, the CNPP database contains 51 country profiles, including countries operating nuclear power plants and nuclear ‘newcomers’.