UAE Hosts IAEA Occupational Radiation Protection Appraisal Service mission

The most recent peer review, the IAEA Occupational Radiation Protection Appraisals Service (ORPAS) Mission was conducted from 1 to 5 November 2015.

The Mission was instrumental in providing the UAE with an objective assessment of the provisions for occupational radiation protection; identifying areas where performances should be improved to meet international standards; and providing recommendations on actions to be taken to achieve such improvements. Strengths in which the UAE is unique, as well as good practices were also identified.

In developing national nuclear infrastructure in line with the IAEA’s Millstones approach, the UAE receives peer review missions from the IAEA in order to obtain valuable feedback based on the highest expertise. Since 2011, the UAE has received 6 peer reviews. These peer reviews evaluated the progress made in regards to UAE’s national nuclear programme.

IAEA peer reviews hosted previously by UAE:

2011: Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) mission;

International Regulatory Review Services (IRRS) mission;

2014: IAEA SSAC Advisory Service (ISSAS) mission; 

2015: International Regulatory Review Services (IRRS) Follow-Up mission; 

Emergency Preparedness Review (EPREV) Service mission.