GICNT Implementation Assessment Group meets for a Mid-year meeting

From 19 to 22 February 2013, 85 partner nations of the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT) met for the mid-year meeting of the Implementation and Assessment Group (IAG) in Madrid, Spain.

The IAG was established at the 2010 Plenary Meeting held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, as the “working arm” of the partnership. It is tasked with implementing priorities identified by the Plenary and ensuring that GICNT activities are coordinated and complementary to other international efforts.
The meeting of the IAG provided strategic oversight and coordination of future GICNT activities including the development of Guidelines documents and plans for trainings exercises. The IAG is currently focused on developing and executing a flexible work programme that produces practical results for the GICNT through a series of technical working groups.
The UAE has been a partner nation of the GICNT since 2010. This Initiative is aimed at strengthening global capacity to prevent, detect and respond to nuclear terrorism. It does so conducting multilateral activities that strengthen the plans, policies, procedures of partner nations.
The GICNT members will meet at the eighth Plenary Meeting, which will be held in Mexico in 2013.
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