Joint Work towards Enhancing Transparency, Communication Effectiveness and Information Dissemination

Past nuclear accidents highlighted communication as one of the most important challenges in emergency management.

This month, communication officers from the UAE took part in the international experts meeting to gain expertise from lessons learned in the area of emergency communications.
The International Experts Meeting (IEM) on Enhancing Transparency and Communications Effectiveness in the Event of a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency was held at the IAEA headquarters from 18 to 20 June 2012, in Vienna, Austria.
In light of the 11 March 2011 accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station, over 160 communication experts and government officials from 54 Member States met to discuss communication challenges during a nuclear emergency.
The three-day IEM analysed relevant aspects for enhancing transparency and effectiveness in communications during a nuclear or radiological emergency. Particular focus was placed on identifying lessons learned from the Fukushima accident, and outlined best practices for improving information dissemination.
The meeting featured expert presentations from keynote speakers and panellists and provided an open forum for discussion. A wide range of representatives from national governments, international organizations, and as well as Member State representatives, such as nuclear regulators, operators, the media and other stakeholders shared their best practices on crisis communications in nuclear and non-nuclear countries.
IEM provided Member States with the new IAEA publication “Communication with the Public in a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency”, which provides practical guidance for public information officers on the preparation for and response to a nuclear or radiological emergency.
This publication offers comprehensive strategic communication concepts for coordinating all sources of official information to ensure that a consistent message is being provided to the public before, during and after a radiation emergency.