UAE Healthcare Official Shares Knowledge on Cancer Management at International Conference in Vienna

Dubai Health Authority shared its knowledge and practices on cancer management during the International Conference on Clinical Positron Emission Tomography (PET) – Computed Tomography (CT) and Molecular Imaging, held from 5 to 6 October in Vienna, Austria.

The International Conference on Clinical PET–CT and Molecular Imaging: PET–CT in the Era of Multimodality Imaging and Image Guided Therapy (IPET-2015) addressed the health challenges common to many IAEA Member States.

More than 500 participants from IAEA Member States, mainly clinicians, imaging specialists and scientists, reviewed the important clinical aspects of cancer management and assessment of the disease.

Three UAE participants from the Dubai Health Authority, Gulf International Cancer Center in Abu Dhabi and the Cleveland Clinic took active part in the Conference in reviewing important clinical aspects and the appropriate use of medical imaging for the entire spectrum of cancer management and other diseases.

Dr. Batool Al-Balooshi of Dubai Health Authority chaired a number of sessions on nuclear medicine during the Conference and provided assistance to the Conference in reviewing scientific posters on cancer management.

The UAE’s healthcare sector closely cooperates with the IAEA through several national Technical Cooperation projects, aimed at enhancing quality control in diagnostic nuclear medicine and improving radiological protection of patients. 

Dr. Al-Balooshi emphasized that UAE stakeholders greatly benefit from IAEA technical expertise through up-to-date multimodality imaging techniques that the UAE participants apply in their work.