UAE delegation participates in IFNEC Ministerial Meetings in Seoul

Delegation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) participated in the annual meetings of the International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation (IFNEC) held in Seoul, the Republic of Korea, from 16 -17 October 2014.

The Steering Group meeting took place on 16 October and discussed the planning of up-coming IFNEC meetings and events, as well as matters related to the IFNEC Secretariat.
The following day, the annual 2014 IFNEC Executive Committee Ministerial meeting took place. This meeting reviewed the activities of the IFNEC Steering Group and Working Groups on Infrastructure Development (IDWG) and Reliable Nuclear Fuel Services (RNFSWG) over the past year and provided guidance on future activities and priorities.
The IFNEC Executive Committee, comprised of high-level officials, meets annually to strengthen cooperation between member states and concerned international organizations in support of the peaceful use of nuclear power in a way that meets the highest standards of safety, security and non-proliferation.
The Committee discussed findings and recommendations in the areas of options and pathways for disposal of spent nuclear fuel and high-level waste, infrastructure development, model approaches to the financing of nuclear energy projects, and Small Modular Reactor deployment models, as a result of several workshops and meetings held by Working Groups throughout the year.
The UAE delegation was led by H.E. Ambassador Hamad Alkaabi, UAE Permanent Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency.
“IFNEC is a unique framework that unites 63 nations and observing organisations to foster cooperation on the development of peaceful use of nuclear energy in a manner that meets highest standards of safety, security, and non-proliferation,” said Ambassador Alkaabi highlighting the role of IFNEC.
“IFNEC annual meetings were successful in addressing common challenges such as the safe and secure use of nuclear energy, management of nuclear spent fuel and radioactive waste, infrastructure development and financing in a manner of transparent collaboration by its members.”
The Executive Committee Ministerial meeting was concluded with the issuing of a joint statement that highlighted the accomplishments of IFNEC Working Groups towards global expansion of nuclear power in a safe and secure manner.
Meeting participants included high-level officials from IFNEC member states and observing countries, as well as permanent IFNEC Observer organizations.
The last Executive Committee meeting was held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in 2013.
The International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation (IFNEC), formerly known as the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP), is a partnership of countries aiming to ensure that new nuclear initiatives meet the highest standards of safety, security and non-proliferation. Today the International Framework consists of 32 participants, in addition to 31 observer countries, and 3 international Observer organizations. The United Arab Emirates became a member of IFNEC in 2011.
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