UAE Strengthens its Preparedness for Radiological Emergencies

From 24 to 28 March 2013, the UAE received an IAEA Expert Mission on medical preparedness and response in nuclear or radiological emergency in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

A team of IAEA experts reviewed the UAE’s preparedness for the medical response in case of radiological emergencies during a five-day national workshop.
Conducted under the framework of the technical cooperation project on Strengthening and Harmonizing National Capabilities for Response to Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies (RAS/9/068), the workshop provided participants with theoretical knowledge in medical preparedness and practical tools for medical response to a radiation emergency.
The experts from the IAEA Technical Cooperation Department led a week long training for UAE’s medical doctors with basic experience in radiation medicine and have the responsibility to respond in radiation emergency (on the hospital level). It also targeted other representatives from the medical industry, as well as radiation protection officers responsible for taking part in medical response to radiation emergency.
The training focused on radiation physics and basic dosimetric terms, biological and health effects of exposure to radiation, management of local radiation injuries and radioactive contamination, pre-hospital and hospital preparedness and response to radiation accidents.
Particularly, case studies on radiation accidents focusing on their causes, medical management, bio-dosimetry and lessons learned were provided.
Psychological effects of radiation exposure and injury were also discussed.