UAE and Australia Sign Agreement for Cooperation in Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy

The United Arab Emirates and Australia signed here today an agreement for cooperation in peaceful use of nuclear energy.

The agreement was signed by UAE Foreign Minister H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr, who is currently on a visit to the UAE.
Like other agreements signed by the UAE with a number of technology and nuclear materials exporting countries, this agreement sets a framework for cooperation between the two countries in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and facilitating commercial exchange of nuclear materials and equipment.
Following the signing ceremony, Sheikh Abdullah welcomed during a joint press conference Carr's visit to the UAE and hailed the progressive ties between the UAE and Australia.
Sheikh Abdullah said the UAE was not considering projects for enrichment and for nuclear waste treatment for now.
"The agreement emanates from the strong relations between the two countries. Australia is a leading country in uranium with 40 percent of the world's reserve and a vast experience in the field," he added.
Sheikh Abdullah also said the agreement outlines relations in this sector.
"It is up to future work between importers and exports to reach suitable prices and quantities." He praised UAE's special relations with Australia, adding that the Australian community in the UAE reached 15,000. He also cited the increase in weekly flights between the two countries and UAE's support to Australia's bid for a non permanent seat in the Security Council.
"There are around 1,000 Emiratis studying in Australia. We thank the Australian government for providing facilities to thousands of Emiratis holidaying there," he said.
Bob Carr said he was pleased with his first visit to the UAE, praising the growing relations between the two countries.
"The UAE is one of Australia's key partners in the Middle East. Trade between the two countries reached US$ 6.4 billion." He also said today's agreement was of great importance to Australia as it provides opportunities for trade in uranium as well as jobs for the Australians.
"We are glad to be part of the peaceful nuclear reactor in the UAE," he said.
Carr also lauded UAE's commitments highest nuclear safety measures and infrastructure.
Original story: The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs,