UAE Shares Its Experience in Developing Nuclear Infrastructure

The UAE has shared its practices on the development of its national nuclear infrastructure and lessons learned from the Fukushima Daiichi accident with other IAEA Member States during a five-day technical workshop in Vienna, Austria.

The workshop on ‘Topical Issues on Infrastructure Development’ held by the IAEA from 24 to 27 January 2012, included an assembly of more than 100 participants from 45 Member States. It provided its participants with a common platform to exchange information and best practices on the development of a sustainable national infrastructure for Nuclear Power Plants.
The UAE’s approach of developing nuclear power has been recognized as a model among other Member States embarking on nuclear power programs.
In light of this, the UAE was invited to share its experience of building a national nuclear infrastructure with countries that are considering to develop their own nuclear power programme.
The Permanent Representative of the UAE to the IAEA, H.E. Ambassador Hamad Alkaabi, presented the country’s accomplishments in developing an effective policy and solid infrastructure for its peaceful nuclear energy programme, including post Fukushima actions taken in the UAE.
“The UAE Government will continue to monitor international developments related to nuclear safety and take into consideration Fukushima lessons, and implement them as appropriate in the UAE programme,” affirmed Ambassador Alkaabi.
On the final day of the technical meeting, the IAEA held a press briefing for the media to inform the public at large on the outcomes of the meeting.
Together with the speakers of the press briefing which included Co-Chair of the Economic Modeling Working Group, Mr. William Rasin; Head of the IAEA’s Operational Safety Section, Mr. Miroslav Lipar; and Head of the IAEA’s Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Group, Mrs. Anne Starz, Ambassador Alkaabi responded to the journalists’ queries.