First IAEA Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review Mission in UAE

From 16-23 January 2011, the IAEA carried out its first Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) Mission in the United Arab Emirates to review the status of the national nuclear infrastructure in the UAE. An INIR mission is a holistic review of a country´s nuclear power programme conducted by a team of international experts.

"The UAE considers the INIR mission an important milestone for its civil nuclear energy programme," noted Ambassador Hamad Alkaabi, the UAE´s Permanent Representative to the IAEA.
"I believe this mission once more highlights the nature and progress of the UAE programme: We are open, we are transparent, we are developing a peaceful nuclear programme with the highest international standards. And we are eager to continue in our cooperation with the IAEA and follow its guidance," he added.
The INIR Mission was deemed a success by the Mission Head Jong Kyun Park, who noted that the UAE has been achieving considerable progress in implementing its nuclear program in accordance with the IAEA “Milestones” approach.
"The INIR Mission was conducted in a cooperative and open atmosphere with participation from the various organizations in the UAE involved in nuclear power´s introduction. The team concluded that the development of the UAE´s nuclear infrastructure is progressing well and in line with the IAEA´s guidelines. This was the first mission to a country that has just signed a contract for constructing nuclear power plants," he commented.
The INIR Mission concluded that the UAE maintains one of the most advanced nuclear infrastructures among the IAEA’s member States currently developing their first nuclear power plant.
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